My Background 
As an RN I took care of many with illnesses and helped them get well again, 
but I began to be saddened by the fact that their illness could of been prevented. 
I want to nurse people now from the prevention stand point, 
to help avoid those chronic conditions that many have no choice but to live with now. 

Having had Breast Cancer, I know what it is like to lose your health, and how that is all consuming in your life and how GREAT the desire is to have nothing but your health back! 

I have gone on to obtain a Health Coaching certification and now I combine my love of helping people live better with my love of helping them eat better. and find natural solutions to the health concerns we all face from time to time.  
I have enjoyed being able to help my family and friends eat better, and feel better!  

I believe that when we treat our bodies well, our bodies will treat us well.  Most of today's health issues are caused by the modern lifestyle and can be prevented with properly hydrating and having a well rounded diet can be powerful.  Food is often the best medicine, and   My clients learn how to make small changes in their food choices and lifestyle that create a compounding positive effect on their well-being.

"Karen Blunier of Well Rounded Wellness is coaching me on being my best self in many areas.  Her confident and passionate approach to be well rounded physically, emotionally and mentally provides me with the tools I need to succeed.  

Karen has worked to provide different options that best fit my life and abilities.  When one option has not worked, because I was not willing to put in the effort, she has helped to guide me through other options that did work and were more effective for where I was at on my life journey.  

Karen’s diversified knowledge, skills and training sets her apart from others who only focus on one part of what is needed to be actively present and working on the whole person.  She is kind and considerate and maintains a level of professionalism and confidentiality and ethics. She is a great partner in seeing me be my BEST self."

Shonnie B.

Start the day off right CHALLENGE: Get moving in the right direction to Feel more energized,
 self-confident and unstuck from your current station in life.


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