Today's Health and wellness tip is how spending time with some friends and family can also lead to developing a healthier mind, body and soul. 
Here are 5 tips to try enhance your relationship with family and friends:
  • Be present.  Put your phone away and truly engage in conversation and enjoy your time together. You'll feel closer to those you care about and have better relationships as a result. 
  • Find a way to connect. Meeting up with a friends or family members in person is ideal but not always doable. So hop on the phone or using a video messaging app is another great way to connect when you can't meet or connect at the same time. Calling your loved ones frequently strengthens your bonds and connection, instead of reaching out by text or email only. 
  • Family time. Try to dedicate an hour of family time each week, whether you play a game, go for a walk, ride bikes, or just catch up at the dining table over a meal.
  • Get social. There is nothing better than meeting new people, and even if you’re more introverted, there are social groups for every topic. You can join a book club, recreational sports team, painting class, or hiking group to meet new people while doing something you enjoy!
  • Me time. This may sound counter intuitive for me to say, but you need to fill your love bank to be able to feel up for giving to others. There is a balance between both buckets, and the both need attention. 
By putting in the time and effort to maintain your relationships, you will enjoy positive returns from these strong connections with the people in your life.
Try to implement some of the recommendations above, and I hope you see the ripple effect of doing so!


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